Testing is Rocket Science Not Brain Surgery

Almost all of the World's Greatest Accomplishments Were The Result of Great Planning!

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Have you Tried?

After much consideration it occurred to me that contributing my tools of the trade, tips, tricks and other methods would be beneficial to the performance and automation community and as a result beneficial to me as well. So in summary, this is totally self-serving, enjoy!

  • JUnitPerf – A cost-effective, familiar way to start looking at concurrency and timed testing for your JAVA developers. A must have for addressing performance concerns early if a full blown testing tool isn’t on hand. Brought to you by Mike Clark of Clarkware Consulting.
  • Open Source Performance Testing Resources – A collection of performance testing tools built on the cost proposition of being FREE!
  • EMMA – This is another open-source offering that provides code coverage analysis for Java based applications.
  • Webload from RadView – This is a commercial application that has gone the way of opensource.