Testing is Rocket Science Not Brain Surgery

Almost all of the World's Greatest Accomplishments Were The Result of Great Planning!

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Call in the Cavalry to Help You Test!

This is a link to trusted and recommended testing practitioners and service providers. Missing will be the mega-service providers like the HPs, IBMs, and Accentures of the world. They have enough marketing muscle to do just fine without my needless promotion.

  • Fusion Alliance– Hello! We are Fusion Alliance – a family of over 200 technology specialists ready to solve your business problems. The secret to our success is simple. From the top down, we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

    Whether you need a specialized business application, web site, or a strategy to protect critical business data, we’ve got you covered. Let our experience, talented team, and proven approach to solution delivery solve your business problems.

  • Software Testing Advocate Group, LLC.– Offering automation and performance testing script development, performance test audit services, testing infrastructure, and consulting. Our consultants strive to help your organization adopt meaningful test strategies and approaches that yield higher quality software.