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Software Gems: Files of an Arbitrary Size by Howard Clark

January 30th, 2008 · No Comments · Software Gems

The need to create a file of a certain size to request from a webserver in order to simultate some network traffic  had me waxing nostalgically today.  Remember the command-line?  I suggest everyone dust off their OS reference manuals once in a while, if for no other reason than the novelty.  It amazes me that even today I still prefer to use command-line statements from time to time, I never did like Windows I thought it was for novice computer users.  As much as Microsoft has attempted to persuade me by bundling small user applications in their OS releases and addidng to the bloat, I still only use my OS for what is was originally intended to do; run programs and manage I/O, despite Redmond’s desire to take over the world.  Admittedly I did pick up (3) Xbox360s to run in tandem with Windows Media Center to extend my content throughout my home, oh and play games too!  One can never know when the urge to smash cars together and pretend to be a special ops superstar will strike, the controllers are wireless so its not a hassle to just plug-in while in bed.  This isn’t earning dividends in my relationship but hey, sometimes you just gotta game.

 I’ve digressed too much, the idea here is to fire up a utility called FSUTIL.

 The command-line help wasn’t all that good but with a little research we see that the usage is as follows:

“fsutil file createnew d:\temp\1mbtestfile.txt 1024000” will create a file called “1mbtestfile.txt” of 1meg in size.

 Sweet and simple for a change, now how cool is that?

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